do you ever come upon a song, and it feels like it’s your song?

not like you wrote it or anything, but when you hear it, for the very first time, and this very first tone captures your soul, that’s when you know.
i remember coming home from lake ontario, mom was driving, amya, kayla and i where putting our heads out the windows, looking at the stars. it was so special. spring break, upsate new york, it was finally getting a little bit warmer and it was dark, and quiet. the atmosphere was just priceless, unique and almost a little to perfect to be reality. and then it happened – yellow came one, and i immediately knew, i felt it inside of me, i knew this was it, my song. so thank you coldplay for creating this emotional song, and thank you amya for introducing me to it. i believe in miracles yet i do believe that everything happens for a reason, so yes, yellow came into my life fjust at the righ time. i will forever cheerish it, when i listen to it, i cannot ever unhear it, it will forever be a part of me. so please, take time, and listen to a song, and i don’t mean just be there listening to the radio. actually listen – listen to the words, the voices, the instruments, the pauses. i hope everyone will find their song someday, i know that i have found mine.

i have been struggling with anxiety lately, trying to figure out who i want to be, and i am glad to know that i have a couple of amazing friends who are there for me and help me through everything i am going. i am becoming happier everday, and i came to the conclusion that the most important part is to experiement. try new stuff sometimes! i stated to do yoga, i tell myself to take care of things and i try to enjoy the little things in life like a cup of tea in the morning, a nice evening walk with my dog or alone time with a good book. i am not quite sure where this blogpost is going, it is saturday. 11:42pm and i am thankful, for being healthy and for having a great life. so yeah i guess i am a really positive human being, trying to spread some happiness, or at least spreading my thoughts which are bright.

i hope you are having a great day,
wherever you are at the moment. take care of yourself, i will be here if you need anything.
xx larissa
please click this link and go listen to yellow right now: yellow by coldplay