» Semi Formal «

January 21st, 2017


» Happy New Year «

hello world,

it is January 2nd, 2017 and I am just sitting in bed, as always.
Tomorrow – 1/3/2017 – I will audition for the school’s musical, tomorrow is also the first day of school after break and I cannot wait to get back, because I really miss having basketball practice and seeing my friends every day.

But now back to New Years Eve, because I expierenced my very first NYE abroad with my favorite people – a bunch of great friends.
At 6pm I facetimed my family back in Austria and celebrated the new year with them, at 7pm I left to go Amya’s house where we just danced and sung, ate pizza, took pictures and believe it or not but one of my dreams came true that night: I learned how to play the Ukulele, some of you may not believe this but by the end of the night I played songs by myself.
My NYE was a success, I had such a great time and here are some pictures: