just a little something

current thoughts \\ tuesday september 6th 5:47pm // I just came back from practice, took a shower & now I am sitting on the couch, my sisters right next to me. today is the last day of summer break, tomorrow school starts & especially yesterday – when my Austrian friends went back to school – I thought about them. I thought about getting on the train – just like I usually do. I thought about getting off the train to meet my friends & how we got on the next train. I thought about home & my everday life a lot & then I realized that tomorrow a whole new chapter of my life starts. I will start American High School, I will – not like my Austrian friends – experience something, nobody will ever be able to take away from me. I will make so many new friends, create so many memories & will have an unique year. other than my friends back home, I did it. I took the big step, got away from home & jumped into something, something new, something I didn’t know what to expect from. I can already see the up’s & down’s that will come, the tears of joy & the ones of desperation. I am sad that summer ends, because – everyone that knows me – knows that I am a summer type of person, that I love being in the sun, playing beach volleyball or just spending the day at the lake. besides that, I am so happy that school starts tomorrow, because I am beyond ready to meet people, to make friends. after over a month in the US I want to get involved – I joined the tennis team but still. so to sum it all up, I don’t know what to expect from the first day of school, to be honest I feel a little anxious about getting lost or being late to my classes. but I just have to remeber myself: I am an exchange student, I am 15 years old & made the decision to go abroad, to a country I have never been before, live in a culture which is different than what I had experienced before. I can handle whatever comes to me, I just have to remeber myself that I can handle it! I am ready, let’s just do it. \\ 6:03pm Larissa over n out // 🇺🇸


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