Hello World,

Yes, as you can read by the title I got my placement, that means I got my host family, my high school and my state!!

I am so so happy about my placement tho I really wanted to spend my year else where I am so lucky that I got such a kind host family. You really shouldn’t have any wishes or expectations about your placement, other wise you could get upset.

Click here to watch my YouTube Video about my Placement CLICK HERE

So let’s start with the story of how I got my placement:

  • Saturday, April 9th 2016: It was 7.30 when I got up and I checked my social meda, just like I did everyday, but that day at 7.31 to be exact (haha) I saw that someone had sent me a friend request on Facebook and the name seemed American. Now imagine me lying in bed, seeing that someone who seems to be from the USA wants to be friends.. I freaked out, even my little sister wake up haha. I couldn`t believe it. So I accepted the request and saw that she was from New York state and worked as a Local Coordinator for AYA. It was pretty obvious that she was my LC but she didn’t want to tell at first, I started to find out everything about the place she lived because I knew that I would get placed nearby.
    She asked me if I already got my host family, I said no and then she told me that I should write to her as soon as I got my family.
    Now I had to wait until at least Monday, the first day that my organization would start to work again and then Sunday went by and I had to wait til Monday…


  • Monday, April 11th, 2016: Beside my dogs’ 8th birthday I went to school and waited. I kinda knew that I would get my host family that day so I refreshed my mail box every like 2 seconds and then, all of a sudden at 9.24 there was it. The email with my placement information. I was sitting in German class when it all happened and I instantly started crying, no I actually bursted out in tears and I was just super happy to have my friends around to tell them the great news. After checking the first important facts about my family I called my mom and dad and started to send friends requests to all family members on Facebook. After a while they sent me welcoming messages and I already feel super lucky that I get to live with them. I am chatting with them all the time and they are such nice people and they are as excited as I am to meet in August. i even changed my flight date, because they wanted to go on vacation with me before school starts.


  • Wednesday, April 13th, 2016: I got a lot of information from AIFS about my host family sent by mail so I had to wait two days til I knew more.

My host family consists of my host parents (John and Julie), three host sistes (Mackenzie, Ryleigh and Alexandra) and two lovely dogs (Skipper and Simon)! My state is New York, which is super cool and my 2nd home is Almond, NY. It is a small village, located in the Northwest of New York State and is surround by a loooot of forrests haha. My High School is Alfred-Almond Central School which is small as well. I need like 2 h to go to Toronto and about 5 h to go to NYC.
My flight date is August 2nd, only 111 days to go.. this is so insane. I remember when the countdown showed 450 days..

For pictures check the ‘High School‘ and ‘State‘ pages in the bar on top of my blog. ❤

C U! 🙂



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