Hello World,

I want to wish every single one of you a happy new year.
Be safe tonight and have fun when counting down to twenty sixteen!

So today we turned onto page 365 of 365, chapter 12 of 12 and I have to say this year has been a rollercoaster with countless ups and downs. I am kinda sad that we are already closing this book but I am so excited to open the new one. 2015 was a massive split between best year of my life and worst year of my life. Nevertheless I am endlessly thankful for all the memories I got to make this year. My friends, my family and even some strangers made this year complete. I tried tons of new things, got to know awesome persons, met my boyfriend and fell in love with him, met famous people, started my blog and the best thing that happend by far was signing the contract for my year abroad.

I have no words to describe how excited I am for 2016. So much is going to happen. A few things I am looking forward to are my 15th birthday on March 24th, my host family, my goodbye party, my flight to NYC and the days I’m gonna spend there. I will experience days such as my first day of American high school, homecoming, my first American halloween, my first football game, thanksgiving, black friday, my first American christmas… I’m gonna make twenty sixteen a year to remember.

I will spend New Years Eve together with my famliy and some of our closest friends, even my boyfriends is here that means I am going to get a new years kiss whch is super cute in my opinion. We gonna eat some cheese and meat fondue, play some games, watch the fireworks an count down to 00:00. I hope everyone has loads of fun tonight and please be safe!
Tomorrow’s the first blank page of a 366 page book, write a good one!
So that’s it from me from 2015, gonna publish another post when something exciting happens. I wish you all the best for 2016. Here’s to new beginnings.

2016, shimmer, and winter Bild

C U! 🙂

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