Hello World,
I want to wish everyone a (little belated) Merry Christmas!
I hope Santa brought you all the things you wished for. Unfortunately we don’t have snow in Vienna which makes me sad because it is Christmas and it’d look beautiful if there was snow outside but instead the weather is warm and not christmassy at all. I watched Home Alone and decorated my room to get into chrismas mood but it didn’t work haha.
I spent the last days together with my family and friends and I am happy that Christmas is almost over again beacuse I ate tons of delicious food and cookies (my mom makes the best cookies on Earth I swear!).
Nevertheless I am super excited for next Christmas because I am going to celebrate it in the United States and that fact makes me so excited and I slowly start to realize that my year abroad is coming closer and closer day by day.

Okay that’s it from Christmas know I am gonna give you a short update.

So I finished all the paperwork and finally sent all my documents to Germany on December 16th and I am so excited for the next steps. I guess they are currently reviewing my application and then they are going to send them to the US (omg how exciting) but if they find any missing things they send it back to me so the whole process would delay a little bit therefor I hope I filled in everthing properly so that they can start looking for my host family soon.

Another topic: I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and everyone who calls it up regularly. There are readers from incredible 20 different countries!! That is insane and I am so thankful for that!
The countries are: Austria, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, France, Japan, Romania, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Hungary, Italy, Namibia, Spain, Bosnia, Malaysia and Australia. Thank you guys!! This means the world to me.
Okay I guess that’s all for now. I will publish another post this year but if not (for whatever reasons) I wish you a Happy New Year and please be safe!

beautiful, Christmas time, and christmas Bild

C U! 🙂



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