Hello World,

I’ve got great news…
It was Monday Nov. 9th when I got home from school after an exhausting day. There was a heavy envelope laying on my desk and I was super excited to open it. I asked my sister to record me while opening it because I wanted to capture that moment and then I didn’t say anything for a while.
Now I know that I am definitely going to be in the US soon. 🇺🇸
You’re asking yourself what was inside that envelope? Well I’ll tell you haha:
– A contract where I just have to write all the information down and that’s bascially it for the contract. (I have to send that back within 2 weeks)
– Some general information about the Exchange Year
– Program rules and conditions
– Many pages with completion assistant about following topics: Personal Information, US School Options, About You, Personal Profile, Personal History, Letter To Your Future Family, Parent Letter, English Teacher’s Recommendation…
– Informations from the American part of the Organization: AYA Student Code of Conduct, Medical History…

I am just so happy at the moment.
Oh and by the way I also rocked the audition for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I finally got the role. I’m the main act and super excited to play Macbeth.
I am so overwhelmed by the fact that there are only about 290 days left here and the time is just passing by so damn fast. Again I wanted to say Thank You to my parents, because they are the ones who are making it possible. ❤

So that’s it for the short update.
C U! 🙂


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