» the beginning of something great «

Welcome to my blog! So well, here it is, my very first post on my own Blog.

I have always loved writing texts, especially when there were photos I could write about. Everything started on Instagram (https://instagram.com/laly_bieber_/), where I regulary uploaded photos. I wrote long, thoughtful captions, but there weren’t many people who read them. One day I got a comment, written by my “Instagram Feed Idol”. He thought my texts were really good and that I should think about starting a blog.
So yeah, here I am, sitting in front of my desk writing and creating my first blog post.

It actually feels kinda weird and cool at the same time.

I wanted to share my “So-Far-Exchange-Year-Experience” with you guys, so here it is:

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve always wanted to go to the US. I’ve always wanted to live there, being able to live a happy life. I don’t know why my desire to go there is so strong, but it just is. So yeah, I am going to go to the US for a whole year. I am really going to be an Exchange Student. I will finally be able to live my live happily somewhere in the United States of America. 🌎

So let’s start at the very beginning,…

AUGUST 2014: I told my parents that I was planning to go abroad for a year for the first time. My mom thought that this was a cool idea, my dad didn’t. He said it would be way too dangerous for a young girl living all alone in the huge US.

MAY 2015:
It was the 9th of May when I went to an information event together with one of my friends. We both were interested in spending a year in another country. We had loads of fun there and afterwards my desire got stronger.

AUGUST 2015:
A whole year has gone by since I first thought about going abroad. I started looking up the news again. Now I first told my other family about it.

My new school year started. 5 more years of Austrian school and then I will never have to go back to school again.
I attend a higher school in Vienna and of course I am not the only one who has the idea of spending a year somewhere else.
Now there was this tiny problem: I’ve always planned to go in 2017/18, but our teacher told us that exchanges years would only be possible in 2016/17. My first thought when I heard that was SHIT! All the things I had planned the past year.., that was for nothing.

It was the 7th of October when I told my parents about that problem. I was sad, I really was and everyone could see. I am not that type of person who hides their feelings. If I am feeling great, everyone will notice. If I am feeling sad and down, again everyone will notice. So my parents talked a little to each other, then my dad suddenly came in and told me to sign in to the Exchange Organisation. Oh my God. My dad, the one who never really wanted me to go, just told me to fucking sign in. I also singed in for the scholarship, cause well, we aren’t the richest people on Earth.
It was the 8th of October when AIFS responded per Mail. They needed to know, if I could also go, if I didn’t get the scholarship, otherwise they couldn’t take me in. So I told my parents again.
It was the 9th of October and my boyfriend had just left. My parents came in and told me that they will and can make it possible. They really told me that I will be going to the US in less then a year. I instantly started crying. I couldn’t control that reaction..,I’ll never forget that moment. That moment has changed everything. For the past year, I had planned so much and there always was that big ‘MAYBE’.., from that moment on the ‘maybe’ changed into a ‘I WILL’.
I can’t believe that it is going to happen soon.
I have never stopped believing in my dream and now it is going to happen. Holy Schnitzel! These words …’it is going to happen’… It is so near and I can’t realize, that I’ll be living somewhere in the US in less than a year. I’ll be attending an American High School, living the American Dream.
A very special thanks to my parents who are going to make that possible for me and also to my best friend Jenn! She was always there for me. She has supported me through every damn thing. I love you. Thank you.


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