I am back in Austria

Hi y’all…

A lot happened since I have been on here last, and well there were reasons I wasn’t blogging. I changed host families, I got injured, I went to Hawaii, I went trhough heartbreaks and I had the best ending to my exchange year that I could have imagined. So from now on I will try to blog more regularly, but no promises. I am sorry for everyone hwo was waiting for new entries, I just couldn’t bring myself to write!

Β» Happy New Year Β«

hello world,

it is January 2nd, 2017 and I am just sitting in bed, as always.
Tomorrow – 1/3/2017 – I will audition for the school’s musical, tomorrow is also the first day of school after break and I cannot wait to get back, because I really miss having basketball practice and seeing my friends every day.

But now back to New Years Eve, because I expierenced my very first NYE abroad with my favorite people – a bunch of great friends.
At 6pm I facetimed my family back in Austria and celebrated the new year with them, at 7pm I left to go Amya’s house where we just danced and sung, ate pizza, took pictures and believe it or not but one of my dreams came true that night: I learned how to play the Ukulele, some of you may not believe this but by the end of the night I played songs by myself.
My NYE was a success, I had such a great time and here are some pictures:


hello world,

Christmas in the United States is big(er) – loads of decorations, lights, candy, presents, people in costumes and of course happy peeps!

This December has made many memories: I got First Honors, which means I have very good grades in school, I sat on Santa’s lap, I dressed up and volunteered at a christmas festival, I had some great basketball games, I frosted tons of cookies and went caroling, even though I didn’t know the songs and was freezing to death, I had a christmas party with me exchane student fellas, had a great holiday concert with senior high chorus, had a christmas movie marathon at a friends house, took family pictures and took some more family pictures with my best friends, celebrated my first chrismas in the US and there is still 4 days to go…

but here are some pictures, enjoy:


sharing my thoughts

I grew up, with the desire of wanting to be the very best. However, as I got older, I realized that life is not about being the best, it is about giving your best whenever you can, whatever you do. I am learning and growing every day, I make mistakes, I say the wrong things, and often times I act before I think. I am proud of who I am becoming, because right now I am finding myself. Every day I get out of my comfort zone, I try new things, I embarrass myself, and I live. I laugh, I cry, I am having fun and I am having down times, but all of that – I know it is worth it.